Governors and Staff


Our Governing Body is made up of the following Governors:

  • Phil Holford
  • Sarah Kozlowski
  • Carolyn Stevenson
  • Jackie Melksham
  • Hayley Gast
  • Karen McInnes
  • Vice Chair Gemma Perkin
  • The clerk to the Governors is Miss Rebecca Thompson
  • Chair of Governors Paul Moorehouse
  • Finance support Danielle Sheppard

They are a group of volunteers who are responsible for our Nursery School  and who bring great expertise, knowledge and understanding to the role both individually and collectively.

The Governor’s are involved in developing, planning, overseeing and reviewing our services. They make decisions regarding staffing, budgets, policies, procedures and practice.

They show great commitment to Ilminster Avenue and really understand this community.
Our Parent Governors in particular know what it is like to be a service user, they are actively involved and are here to represent your views.


These are the room leaders and teachers in the mainstream Ilminster Nursery School:

  • Marie Muldowney Room Lead in Raindrops
  • Sarah Kozlowski Teacher in Star Room
  • Sandy Maynard and Kate Boyes teachers in Moon Room
  • Nikki Phillips Teacher W-F Sun Room

These are the room leaders and teachers in the specialist unit of Ilminster Nursery School:

  • Sarah Coles Room Lead in Snowflakes
  • Carolyn Stevenson SEN Teacher