Soft play and Sensory Activities

Soft play and Sensory Activities

Soft play

Ilminster Av. has two Soft play areas. These specifically designed areas offer the ideal opportunity for children of all abilities to practice and improve their communication skills, as well as play and interact with their peers in a safe environment. Soft play allows children to develop a sense of danger, improve balance, motor skills, movement and spatial awareness, and help build their emotional health, all in the safety and support of our team.


Sensory room

Ilminster Av. has 2 sensory rooms. Sensory rooms are fun rooms to play and learn full of bright lights and interactive toys. They can help children who have learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments learn to interact with the world around them, in a safe environment that helps builds up their confidence and abilities. A sensory room can offer:

  • Sensory Stimulation – by encouraging the user to engage and explore the environment then it can have positive effects on their ability to react and interact with the world around them
  • Enhance Learning and Play – following on from this, sensory stimulation can engage different areas of the brain, helping children absorb and retain more information and better meeting the needs of the individual
  • Improve Balance, Movement and Spatial Orientation – Sensory rooms can help develop users’ visual processing abilities as well as their fine and gross motor skills, facilitating day-to-day living



The warmth of the water will relax muscles by expanding of surface blood vessels and increasing the skin temperature which can bring about a decrease in pain and muscle spasm. Stiffness can be eased as the warmth of the water allows increased movement of the limb to enhance the circulation. Some of the main benefits are:

  • Non weight bearing exercise
  • Relief from pain, swelling and stiffness
  • Promotion of relaxation
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Cardiovascular fitness (heart and lungs)
  • Muscle strengthening, maintenance & restoration
  • Increase in range of motion of affected joints
  • Improved circulation