Class 2


We would like to welcome you to our nursery class.

As a school we work together in partnership with you, to provide a warm, friendly, safe and exciting environment; where children are encouraged to be active learners. We take pleasure in getting to know you and your child. We promote children’s independence and develop their interests and curiosity in the world around them.

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In Class 2 we have been investigating sprouts.

We thought it could be a beanstalk. We noticed they were “ball” shaped. We then decided to further explore the sprouts. We were curious, what is inside? We peeled the leaves one by one. The sprouts got smaller and smaller.

We cooked the sprouts, they tasted of “leaves.” At recall time one of us decided we wanted to roll the sprout, like a ball. We discovered it didn’t roll in a straight line! We inspected the sprout. It had, “a bit missing.”

Lots of learning and discovery resulted from our sprout exploration.